By way of introduction…

“It takes a dreadful number of toadstools to make you realise that life is not one long mushroom”. KM.

Changing Lemons is a pleasant place to share thoughts and ideas with potentially the whole world, or no one. There’s quite a lot on gardening, because I love pottering about on my humble plots through the seasons. But, it’s also a place for very short stories, very short animations, and, well, other thoughts on life, the universe and the price of herrings.

The Katherine Mansfield ‘connection’ is simply because I love her short stories and was reading a biography when I started the blog.

“Short stories can be like photographs, catching people at some moment in their lives and trapping the memory for ever. There they are, smiling or frowning, looking sad, happy, serious, surprised … And behind those smiles and those frowns lie all the experience of life, the fears and delights, the hopes and the dreams.”*
Katherine Mansfield


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*This site is not connected to the KM Birthplace Society. The link is purely for anyone seeking information on her.