Everyone loves pancakes, right? So, why do we only make them on Shrove Tuesday? Because they mess up your kitchen.

Even if you haven’t got an enthusiastic child helping, and getting sugar everywhere, the butter spatters, and you wind up with a sinkful of greasy washing-up, comprising scale pan, measuring jug, mixing bowl, mixer paddles, frying pan, ladle, butter knife, thing for turning pancakes over, plate for working on completed ones, sugar spoon, plates warming in the oven for each person… and if you have to have to make gluten-free batter as well as ordinary batter, then double the above.

Basic recipe:

20z flour

1 small egg

1/4 pint milk.

Break the egg into the flour (in the mixing bowl, obviously), whisk till they’re mixed, then gradually add the milk and whisk that in. Set aside for 30 minutes.

Melt a knob of butter in the frying pan to coat the base, when it’s really hot, ladle in some batter. Flip with a spatula/slice when one side’s cooked. Transfer to the plate, add sugar and lemon juice to taste, roll up and put on plate in the oven. Repeat.

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