I don’t plan on this being a political blog, but I do follow a few. And boy, are they often dispiriting.
On the one hand, you have those who are all emotion, all heart, and who imagine that they have the monopoly on caring.

Their comments are all ‘holier than thou’. And ‘won’t someone think of the children?’ And accuse anyone who doesn’t share their views of being heartless.
When often, it’s a case of simply that their ideas are unworkable.
On the other, you get the hardball types, who are all head and no heart. And they include people who think their country should play hard, be ruthless, and believe that ‘our people’ come first, at all costs.
Even though if you break it down to a more-local level, it turns out they don’t actually like a lot of ‘our people’ either, really.
It’s like the sports fans all cheering the national side together one week. Following Saturday, wearing club jerseys rather than national ones, they hate each other with a passion.
The daftest tribalism I’ve ever seen was the residents of two streets on one estate who were mortal enemies.
As the saying goes: “The whole world is strange except thee and me  – and I’m not so sure about thee.”
But, this post is meant to be a positive one. And the biblical part-quote in the title is a positive one.
I’m not saying nations can unilaterally turn their swords into ploughshares, sadly. But, you can negotiate pleasantly without being weak.
Same at the micro-level of individuals.
Even if by casting your bread upon the waters, all you do is feed the ducks, that leaves you feeling good.
And as I’m sure only nice people will read this post, there is something else to smile about.
You are all far happier in the end than the miserable beggars, steam coming out of their ears, bashing away at their keyboards to hurl insults at those they disagree with.

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