If you’re thinking of visiting any country, you’ll probably invest in a chunky, heavy guidebook, packed with 756 pages of Useful Information, from hotels, to cinemas to shops that sell great cheese.
Apart from providing a handy doorstop, should you happen to require such a thing, the chances are its use will be outweighed by, well, its weight.
Quite simply, it will contain TMI: too much information. Some of it out of date, as ‘overnight’ after publishing, restaurants can shut, hotels change hands (and quality).
And who has time to read and study 756 pages anyway? Unless you take it as hand luggage and plough through it on the flight.

New Zealand – a Work in Progress is ideal for anyone wanting a flavour of the country before making that journey.
Author Cassie Graham (that’s me!) has made it five times in recent years, each time for upwards of three weeks, meaning she has had time to get ‘under the skin’ of things.
She has ambled from Cape Reinga in the far north, to Stewart Island at the ‘bottom’, taking her time to explore – and to observe.
The result, in this book, is ‘more Bill Bryson than Lonely Planet’. And at just under 10,000 words, it is ‘un apéritif’ – an appetiser to tempt you to go and try the real thing for yourself.
The paperback version has more photos than the ebook.

Used to telling stories concisely, Cassie covers topics from how not start your trip with a hefty fine to what not to say in a kiwi house. With very useful advice on things like sandflies, sealions and sun screen. And a word on Marmite.

You can find the Kindle ebook on Amazon UK (£2.29) here

Or Amazon US ($2.99) here

The paperback (UK £5.50 plus P&P) is here:

Or (US $7.16 plus P&P) here




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