Orange isn’t a colour I’ve ever chosen for a garden before, being more into blues and pinks. But I’m coming round it it.

Summer returned in time for the bank (public) holiday weekend. And the brightest flowers in my garden at the moment are ones that cost me nothing.
The cosmos tango were free with a gardening magazine I bought for something else, and the rudbeckia ‘Cappucino’ – three literally blooming specimens – are the offspring of a specimen I bought from the local garden centre last year. Which is also flowering nicely.
I sowed the seeds indoors in the winter, under grow lights, and they’ve been outside since the spring.

The seeds were a happy accident
Hits and misses

Seeds I paid for have been less successful.
The verbena bonariensis are standing tall on their thin stems, their purple heads a landing light for bees and butterflies to home in on. The night-scented stocks make stepping out the back door at dusk a heady experience. And rudbeckia’s ‘distant cousin’ (in its nickname of black-eyed Susan), thunbergia is climbing happily away up a trellis.
But the rest of the annuals have just proved to be slug/snail food. While the gazania are so far all leaf and no flowers. I’ve read you can overwinter them indoors, so the ones that are in pots may be coming inside late autumn, in the hope of better things in future.

Busy bees

After the daily task of picking the ripe tomatoes and checking all the rest for signs of early blight, I put my feet up with a mug of coffee, a few white, wispy clouds drifting high above me. The constant angry roar of traffic from the main road 1/4 mile away made me feel glad I hadn’t chosen to join those in a rush to Go Places, to Do Things, on this extra day off.
But back to the cosmos tango. Not only are their blooms a hot and cheerful sight, pollinators LOVE them. I only chucked a few seeds in, as they were a freebie and I was concentrating on ones I’d bought, but bees are practically queuing up to land on them.
An accidental result this year, a ‘must’ on my To Sow list in future.

  • Footnote: this piece isn’t sponsored by anyone. Links are for general info only: I have no connection with or interest in the sites/companies.

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