A short, (not serious) rant on Let It Snow, and I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.

This time of year, we are bombarded with ‘festive’ songs, and the high streets are bedecked with lights and the shops with tinsel.
And that’s great.
Though I did find myself in the weird situation, one day last week, of eating in a chain restaurant with three family members, following a funeral.

In the midst of death, we are in life

We were sitting there, dressed in sombre clothing (it was formal), glad of ‘proper’ food after a long, sad day and only sandwiches and cakes at the wake that no one had any appetite for.
The place was, naturally, decked out for ‘festive fun’, with a huge Christmas tree twinkling merrily, and the staff in jolly mood. Other diners were no doubt there for happy reasons.
But going from a graveside to baubles and fairy lights felt, well, weird.
“In the midst of death, we are in life,” I guess.

Jingle tills

Anyway, it is December, and across the globe, people are gearing up for Christmas. And that means trotting out all the old songs, to get us all in the mood for ‘festive fun’.
Which I don’t mind. Though I pity shop workers having to hear the same songs over and over every day for weeks!
It’s the idea that Christmas needs to involve snow that is a triumph of idiocy over reality.
All those Christmas cards with jolly horse-drawn carriages, smiling people sitting on top, trotting through the snow (in reality, they’d be freezing and miserable). And those wretched songs, Let It Snow, and I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.

It’s not romantic, it’s a nuisance

Now, if you live in a country where it never snows, or never snows at Christmas, I’ll ‘forgive’ you for being romantic about the idea.
If you live in a ski resort, or a country that’s covered in snow for months on end, you probably have your own views.
For anyone else, snow in December is a monumental pain and inconvenience.
Snow = disruption. Inconvenience. A hazard.
It’s not safe for the elderly or infirm to venture out of their front door. It’s risky for the able-bodied, especially when snowy pavements have been walked on and turned to slush, which has then frozen overnight.
It’s risky driving, and public transport is messed up. But if you have to go somewhere, like work, you have to take those risks.

border collie, snow
Exploring in the snow

“Ah, but the kids love it.”
For a couple of hours, yeah. Lots of excitement, they rush out and build a snowman, maybe go sledging, if there’s a park with a slope.
And then, however well wrapped up, they start to feel wet, and cold, and want to be home in the warm. And that’s all the snow fun they want for the entire winter.

The look on my dog’s face was priceless when he first ran out of the back door. But, our walk was quickly curtailed: it was too slippery, so we had to give up and come home.

So, once this current lot thaws, please Let It Not Snow Again. Because I’m Dreaming of a Mild Christmas.


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