Estate agent speak is always entertaining!

In fact, estate agent speak is a unique language. Lots of trades and professions have jargon. And if you’re trying to sell things, it’s natural to try to make them sound worth buying.
But estate agents (or ‘real estate agents’ in other countries) are consummate experts at making a sow’s ear sound like a silk purse.

Getting creative

Their hearts must sink sometimes. For every house that virtually sells itself, there are a lot that would be improved one way or another by a bulldozer. Either the house or garden are ugly, or the surroundings are less than desirable.

It all makes for some, er, creative descriptions in property specs, both in local papers, and the printed sheets in estate agencies. Got to admire the effort, but when the accompanying photos don’t quite match the hyperbole, it’s good for a giggle.

Here are some genuine examples:

estate agent speak, property

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