Ever deleted a Facebook account? Assume that means it’s dead and buried? Ever seen a vampire movie?!

With all the fuss currently about Facebook, I was surprised the other day to get an email addressed to me by name saying ‘It looks like you’re having trouble logging into Facebook. Just click the button below and we’ll log you in.’
The email seemed genuinely to have come from Facebook, so I assume it means a hacker had tried to access the account.

What was surprising about it was that I deleted that Facebook account (or thought I had) circa 2010. Having never used it.

I suppose I could try to ensure the creature is fully dead. But the only way to stick a stake in it would be to mess about trying to log into it, which would be stirring it up from its crypt…

Dear Facebook – kindly shut up

Meanwhile, courtesy of an active (in that I’ve not deleted it) account, registered via a separate email address, I get daily emails that I delete in annoyance.

‘A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in.’
Well possibly, but I couldn’t give a monkey’s.

‘You have more friends than you think.’
No, I am perfectly well aware who my friends are, thank you. Unlike you, Facebook.

‘Update your page to keep it visible’
Really? I’d never have thought of that. Stop being so bossy.

‘Do you know…?
No. Someone I am linked to does.

‘People you may know…

‘D E is a new friend suggestion for you.’
She could be my actual friend’s hairdresser or work colleague, for all I know. I mean, she may not be my actual friend’s real friend.

‘Where do you work?’ With three suggestions.
I haven’t even heard of two of those.

‘Add more information about you’.
So we can harvest it and sell it to advertisers and political parties.

And it’s not just Facebook

‘Follow X, Y and Z on Twitter’.
Why? I have no idea who they are.

Totally unrelated Thought for the Day

If you expect to be disappointed, and are: does that mean you shouldn’t be disappointed because you’ve been proved right?

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