Sticks can be incredibly dangerous

As can tree stumps, branches, twigs – and hard leaves. I had a dog who gashed his leg, plunging into a river, on a bit of tree submerged in the mud (luckily, missing anything vital: he needed stitches, but quickly recovered).
Throwing sticks for dogs is also the cause of many horrific injuries and even fatalities in much-loved pets.

If you are gardening, the same thing applies. It’s tempting, on a hot summer’s day, to do garden tasks like weeding wearing a T-shirt and shorts. A recipe for scratched arms and legs!

A far more serious risk is that to your face

Personally, I ALWAYS wear sunglasses when gardening, even if it’s a grey and cloudy day. It’s all too easy to bend forward and get a poke in the eye from a plant. Even a blade of grass is going to hurt. Something harder could cost you the sight in that eye.

But while glasses protect your eyes, they’re not going to stop a stick going through your cheek.

Ok, you can’t wear a suit of armour to do the gardening! You can’t protect yourself from every twig. But, you can make sure any support sticks you put in are visible – and ‘padded’ at the top.

You can, of course, buy plastic tops for bamboo canes (etc). They are cheap, often bright colours… and often fall off very easily. They have no depth to them, so unless the stick happens to fit tightly into the top, it will fall off at the slightest knock.

Step forward the Actimel pot (or anything that shape).

garden safety, tips, advice, Actimel
For one thing, it will fit over any width of cane/support stick.
For two, being several inches long, it won’t easily fall off.
For three, if you enjoy the product, the pots are effectively free.

You can, of course, take the labels off, and be left with a plain white cane-topper. I left the label on for the photos, to show what the pot started out as.

• Related to this, check out Tony’s post on the hazards if you don’t prune trees with safety in mind.

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