The main picture isn’t part of a car park or industrial site. It is someone’s front ‘garden’ in a wholly residential area.

Here is a fuller view/:pebbles16.jpg


Being one big island and a bunch of small ones, Great Britain has a LOT of coastline. It’s hard to measure – there is even a thing called ‘the coastline paradox’ to explain why. Likewise, I’m not sure there is a definitive number of beaches.

What I do know is that most people, asked to draw a beach would draw a stretch of yellow sand. And that given the choice, most people heading for a day out would choose a sandy beach over pebbles (shingle).

So, why is it so many people think a stretch of seaside pebbles or shingle makes an attractive garden?

I get that not everyone likes gardening. I get that not everyone is able to garden. I get that a lot of people want or need ‘low-maintenance’ gardens.
But, they don’t have to be totally ugly!

Ok, beach pebbles (and gravel and shingle) are slightly less ugly than, say, covering the whole garden in grey concrete paving slabs. But really, they look cheap and nasty. And sticking two shrubs and conifer in won’t mask that.

Shingle with weeds is not made any prettier by sticking a plastic pot with more shingle on top of the drain cover!

The point of sharing these two photos is the hope that somewhere in the world, someone contemplating pebbles will see them.
If just one person thinks: “That looks really horrible: I’m not getting pebbles now” – this post will have achieved something 🙂

2 thoughts on “Leave pebbles on the beach

  1. Gravel lawns are very popular in the Mojave desert. Some front gardens are landscaped as they normally would be where the weather allows, but where there should be lawn, there is only gravel. It can actually look really nice. However, in some regions, including Palm Springs, coarse gravel was sometimes ‘painted’ with a thick colored epoxy substance that glued it all together like a fruitcake. That looks nasty even on a good day. To make matters worse, the ‘stuff’ that was used in the 1980s, which was supposed to be more environmentally friendly, deteriorated in the sunlight. There is a lot of sunlight in the desert. It all turned hazy and nasty. The ‘lawn’s were not always green. Sometimes they were chocolate brown, gray, and worse of all, teal, blue and even pink!


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