There may not be a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants. But sometimes, you kind of wish there was.

Following my previous post about pebbles/shingle, here are a couple of related photos. Where people have gone for pebbles or paving slabs, for low-maintenance; then tried to make them look less sterile with plants.

cruelty to plants

The planter filled with dead plants (main pic and above) is just sad. A victim of the long, long dry summer we’ve had in the UK – and neglect, because it wouldn’t have taken much to give it a drop of water every day.

cruelty to plantscruelty to plants

The trio of (possibly) berberis – well, that is cruelty to plants. Someone went to all the trouble of buying them, only to dump them on top of a strange (scary) bird bath. Where they have remained for months. It’s a wonder any of them survived this long, but again, lack of water has finally done for two of them.

Again, if just one person in the entire planet learns something from seeing these pitiful sights, my work will have been done!




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