Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie, was released in cinemas here in the UK a few days ago. I went to see it yesterday.
I did look at a few reviews. But decided to make my own mind up.

Queen were the first band I ever got into and there’s always something special about one’s first love, isn’t there?

For those who don’t know, the film covers the period between Queen’s formation as a band in 1970 and ends on a high, with their famous performance at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

The official trailer is here:

I summed it up in a text to a friend after as:

It is funny, tragic, and kind of glorious. A surround-sound reminder that they didn’t write music for car or floor cleaner ads. And of why I had their posters on my wall aged 13, not some boy band’s.

It was, overall, fun. Laugh-out-loud funny in some places. So very sad in others. And ending on the high of Live Aid.

I wasn’t thinking of chucking my thoughts on the film online. But, then I got back that he was being put off seeing it by the reviews in the mainstream news and the music press.

So, here’s my two pennyworth in response

The reviewers should lighten up.
The Guardian wants the film to airbrush out that promiscuity is a risky practice (because saying so, in their imagination, is homophobic).

Others says it’s too sanitised and want ‘behind-closed-doors/robust insight’ into Freddie.
It’s a 12a certificate: family viewing.

It’s dismissed as a ‘piece of crowd-pleasing entertainment’.
Heaven forbid that a general release movie should be something that pleases and entertains a wide audience 🙂

It won’t blow your mind. It was an escape from reality for a couple of hours.

When the film gets to the single Bohemian Rhapsody being released, by the way, it flashes the music press reviews across the screen.
The critics back then trashed it.

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