Rain, rain, go away… this poor blog has been massively neglected. But it has been a rubbish year for gardens.

Spring was cold, and the cold spell dragged on and on, putting everything well behind.

Summer was indifferent.

There was a dry spell in September, but lots of cloud, and little sun to ripen fruit.

And for weeks and weeks now, it has rained. And poured. And drizzled. And tipped down…

Amazingly, there hasn’t been widespread flooding. There have been flooding alerts, and certainly localised incidents.

My drive home from a friend’s on Saturday involved a detour, due to a flooded road. Trains on Saturday were delayed by weather-related speed restrictions. I know of one line a couple of weeks ago which was partly washed away and had to close for remedial works (with replacement buses to bridge the gap). Homes near rivers have been temporarily evacuated. Some homes and businesses have been flooded.

Driving conditions have at times been atrocious, leading to accidents.


But it hasn’t been as bad as the major floods of previous years, somehow, when entire towns were under water and hundreds of homes/businesses affected.

The result for the garden has been that everything was really late (cold spring), never got the sun it needed (summer) and has now been drenched almost daily for weeks (autumn).

Fruit and veg crops have been disappointing, to say the least. And some plants now are rotting in the ground and slimy.

Not a cheery post after ages of silence! 

All I can say is hope 2020 proves kinder.



Since the above, there has been dreadful flooding across parts of England – mainly Yorkshire and the Midlands.



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