Brief Encounter – without Rachmaninov

The 1945 classic Brief Encounter is one of my all-time favourite movies, so I couldn't resist this as an alternative title for a short story about – well, a brief encounter. The setting isn't a railway station buffet and my 'movie' (animated by my best friend, using the amazing PowToons software) isn't all "terribly, terribly." … Continue reading Brief Encounter – without Rachmaninov

Goldilocks and the Three Magistrates

Clerk to the court: “All rise please.” Everyone stands. Three people file in, take their places behind the main bench, sit. Clerk: “All sit.” Everyone else sits. Clerk: “The first case before your worships today involves a little girl who is only just over the age of criminal responsibility. Usher, can you please call in… … Continue reading Goldilocks and the Three Magistrates